Luxury lighting

Elevate and Illuminate
Residential & Commercial Properties


Permanent Mount Lighting by Pinnacle Roofing

What is Luxury Lighting?

A 100% programmable state-of-the-art cloud-controlled lighting system. Bright LED pixel lights are installed on a track system that is permanently mounted underneath the roof line. The energy efficient LEDs pixel lights are weather and water resistant, fused and certified, and rated for 50,000 hours.

permanent Mount Lighting

Elevate & Illuminate

◊  Energy Efficient LEDs

◊  Bright Vivid Colors

◊  Cloud Control / Smart App

◊  Custom Animations

◊  Weather Resistant

◊  Rated 50,000 Hours

Elevate curb appeal and en-lighten your residential or commercial property with our luminous Luxury Lighting. The elegant glow of true warm white LEDs will Illuminate your architectural accents, landscapes, and security year-round. Manage your lights from anywhere with the smart house cloud-controlled app. Set timers and schedules, choose colors — technically capable of 1.6 million colors, or really light things up with a fun animated or static pattern. Holidays and special occasions will go from dim to dazzling with only a swipe of your fingertip — the app library features hundreds of pre-designed patterns or create your own custom design. Watt you waiting for?   


The holidays will be LIT — merry and
BRIGHT with our luxury LIGHTS.

Holiday Decorating

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)  over 18,400
annual ER visits are related to Christmas decorating. Middle-aged adults are at a greater risk of injury. Around 5,300 people (ages 40 – 60)  visit the ER for Christmas decoration-related injuries. That’s nearly 50% more than expected with general product-related accidents. Reports indicated
injuries were a result of slipping or falling off of  high objects like chairs, ladders, and roofs.

Technical Specifications

LED Pixel Lights

State-of-the-art technology energy efficient LEDs.  Brightest lights allowed by municipal light pollution bylaws.  Elevate architectural accents with luxurious warn white LEDs.


12 LED light segments on every pixel light.  Red, green, blue, white (RGBW) LEDs offers full-spectrum lighting. RGBW LED displays more sorts and precise colors to achieve full-color lighting.

Bright Vivid Colors

Dynamic color options — LED pixel lights are capable of creating over 16.7 million colors, more than the human eye can even differentiate. Segmented brightness controls allows you to adjust the brightness of all lights at once, yet enables some lights to remain slightly dimmer on the sides of the house, so as not to disturb your neighbors.

True Warm White

Perfect for year-round use to elevate curb appeal. Illuminate architecture accents,  landscaping features, or enhance security.

Custom Animations

Using your smartphone, set colors, speed, intensity, animation, patterns.  Choose from over 1,000 pre-built animations in the app library, or create your own custom animations or static patterns.

Timer & Schedules

Set it and forget it!  Lights can be set to turn on or off automatically.

Cloud Control

Connect and control your lights using an app on your smartphone or anywhere you have internet access.

Single Connected Lights

 All lights are connected one-by-one using IP68 connectors. This method is proven not to fail, unlike some brands that solder or slice connections — which are subject to water penetration or other RF, EMF interferences that cause performance issues.

Fire Rated

Fully CSA certified for exterior home use.

Water Tight

New and improved IP68 rating.  And when installed in our tracks, ensure even greater protection from water and dust. 

Fused & Certified

Fully CSA certified end-to-end with built-in surge protection to help extend life span.

Weather Resistant

New and improved -50° rating.  Our lights can be frozen in a block of ice and still work!


Five year warranty on parts. Service fees not included.